Starfield How to persuade Natan Ovadia in Runaway Quest

Starfield How to persuade Natan Ovadia in Runaway Quest

Updated: Sep 22, 2023 3:39 pm

Natan Ovadia is a character you’ll meet during the Runaway quest. You have to convince him to remove the bounty from his daughter and forgive her. If you’re currently facing difficulties with this, we’ll help you by talking about how to persuade Natan Ovadia in Runaway Quest in Starfield.

To persuade Natan, you need more than just good conversation skills. This is because, unlike other characters like Warlord and Jacquelyn Lemaire, this one can not be persuaded without a small gift. To be specific, you need the Red Harvest Reserve whiskey bottle.

How do I persuade Natan Ovadia in Runaway Quest?

After successfully acquiring the bottle of Red Harvest Reserve whiskey, go to Natan’s room in the Volii Hotel and interact with him. Then, select the “[Persuade] I’m here to talk to you about Rivkah. The Whiskey was just to get me in the door” option. Now, choose the following dialogue options to persuade Natan Ovadia in Runaway Quest in Starfield:

  1. [Give Red Whiskey] Please, accept the Red Whiskey. Rivkah said it would mean a lot to you.
  2. This isn’t what belinda would have wanted, is it?
  3. I know I caught you off guard. We can take our time if need be.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you might fail to convince Natan the first time in the mission, as the persuasion system relies on RNG. Therefore, make sure to save your game before talking to him, as you can safely reload and try again if you fail during the first time.

Furthermore, to increase the chances of persuading Natan, we recommend you invest some skill points in your Persuasion skill. We know this isn’t something that a lot of players find worth investing skill points in, but you must do it if you want to handle stuff the easier way. This can also help you while persuading difficult characters such as The Hunter and The Emissary.

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