Starfield How to persuade Frank Yilmaz in Overdesigned

Starfield How to persuade Frank Yilmaz in Overdesigned

Updated: Sep 22, 2023 3:55 pm

Frank Yilmaz is a character you’ll meet during the Overdesigned quest, and your job will be to convince him to build a ship with strong weapons and defenses instead of filling it up with luxury stuff. As for this guide, it is going to focus on how to persuade Frank Yilmaz in Overdesigned.

Before we proceed, make sure to save your game before you start speaking to Frank. This is because you only get one shot at this, but saving the game will allow you to reload and speak to him again; that is, if you fail the first time.

Furthermore, if you have some spare points, invest them in your Persuasion skill to improve its rank. This will increase the chances of persuading Frank, something that will even help you while talking to characters such as Warlord, Leah Casler, and Jacquelyn Lemaire.

How do I persuade Frank Yilmaz in Overdesigned?

After you’re ready, go talk to Frank and choose the “[Persuade] Yes. Now, let’s talk about what we can cut from your design, Frank.” at the start. Then, to persuade Frank Yilmaz in the Overdesigned quest in Starfield, choose the options listed below:

  1. You’re a bright guy. Are you sure I can’t convince you?
  2. You seem reasonable. Let’s just think about this a bit more.
  3. I knew you were a reasonable person.

If you fail on the first try, don’t get disappointed, as the persuasion system in Starfield relies on RNG. Therefore, if he does not get convinced in the first attempt, he’ll come to his senses when you try again. However, do keep in mind that the dialogue might change the next time you interact with Frank. Just keep choosing the green ones to stay on the safe side.

After successfully convincing Frank, go to Jules Degante to continue with the mission.

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